5.Order Configuration

To configure the settings as per your usability, go to Zendesk Order Sync→ Order Configuration. 

  • You can adjust the Latest Orders Count number that appears in the orders section as per your convenience here. The default value for the same is 20.
  • You can also drag and drop to add or remove the KPI Fields for the Zendesk tickets. The plugin provides for 6 KPI fields which are First Purchase, Last Purchase, Average Days between purchase, Total Spend, Total Order Count, and Average Order Value.
  1. To add a KPI field, drag the respective field in the right column.
  2. To remove a KPI field, drag the respective field in the left column.
  3. Also, you can drag and drop the fields in the same column to arrange them in your order of preference. 
  • Same as the KPI Fields, you can also select and arrange Order Fields by dragging and dropping the respective field from the left column to the right, and within the same column respectively.
order configuration settings for zendesk
  • Click on the Save Options button to save the Order Configuration Settings.
order sync for woocommerce zendesk plugin
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