The Event Tickets Manager For WooCommerce allows the WooCommerce merchants to create event management and ticketing websites. This is a best event ticket seller plugin . With the help of  WordPress events plugin, you can sell offline event tickets from your own WordPress website without having to pay for third-party services. The plugin also integrates with Google Map services which allows you to show the exact location of your events to the customers.


  1. Add events as a WooCommerce product type on your online store.
  2. Manage the stock of tickets as admin.
  3. Show the event location to customers at the front end.
  4. Sent the tickets as PDF to customers in an email.
  5. Manually as customers to an event.
  6. Track check-in status of attendees by manually entering the ticket number.
  7. Allow the customers to print the tickets from the My Account page for offline use.
  8. An interactive widget to let the customer see upcoming events.
  9. Collect information from users like gift cards and coupons.
  10. Allow the customers to add  event to Google Calendar from the orders page
  11. The Event Ticket Manager Plugin supports multisite compatibility.
  12. Event Tickets WooCommerce allows dynamic CSS to change the background and text of the ticket to give a dynamic look.
  13. The My event tab in the My Account section of the WordPress Events manager plugin lists the user’s purchased tickets.
  14. When an event expires, the WooCommerce Events plugin hides or removes the product.


The plugin installation can be performed in two ways, namely: automatic and manual installation.

1. Automatic Installation

Trace the following steps for the automatic installation of WooCommerce Event Tickets Manager:

  1. Open the dashboard of your WordPress website and navigate to the sidebar.
  2. Visit Plugins → Add New
  3. Now on the search bar type the name of the plugin – “Event Tickets Manager for WooCommerce”.
  4. From the search results press the Install Now button beside our plugin.

2. Manual Installation

Here are some simple steps for the manual installation of the plugin:

  1. Download the Event ticket manager for WooCommerce plugin from WordPress.org.
  2. Once the plugin is downloaded upload the .zip file of the plugin.

Now activate the plugin by going to Plugin Installed Plugin and press the Activate button below the plugin.

3.General Setting

Under this tab, you’ll find some options that define the overall functionality of the plugin. The general settings of the plugin can be tweaked as per your brand goals.

  • Enable / Disable: Press the slider switch beside Enable / Disable to enable the plugin for your WooCommerce store.
  • Enable Event Location Site: Press the slider switch beside Enable Event Location Site to display the event location on the Google Map to your customers.
Once you’ve configured the general settings of the plugin click the SAVE button at the bottom before leaving the tab.

4.Ticket Setting

Under the Ticket Setting tab, you can configure the Event Tickets sent to your attendees in emails.

1. Event Ticket Email Subject: Write the subject for your Event Tickets in the text field beside Event Ticket Email Subject. Use the [SITENAME] shortcode for the name of your site

Event Subject
2 Event Body Content: Type the content of your email in the text field next to Event Body Content. Use the [SITENAME] shortcode for the name of your site.
Event Body

3 Upload Default Image: Upload a default image that you want to display in ticket emails. The image will be displayed in the email body and the ticket pdf in the email attachment.

You can click on the UPLOAD LOGO button. When clicking the button a popup will appear in which you can upload the image

Uploading Logo
4 Ticket Background Color: Merchant can change the color of the background in the ticket to give your ticket a dynamic look.

5 Ticket Text Color: Merchant can change the color of the text in the ticket to make your look enhanced and dynamic.
Once you’ve configured the ticket setting make sure to press the SAVE button.


Under the Integrations tab, you have to integrate the Google Map services to show the location on the product page.


For enabling the Google maps on the product page:

  1. Generate an API key. (Check out this documentation on Google Maps API key.
  2. Now enter the generated API key in the text box beside the Google API Key option.
event ticket manager


Note: Make sure you’ve enabled the Maps JavaScript API and Geocoding API.

6.Product Settings

Under this heading, we’ll see how to add events to your WooCommerce store. The events are added as WooCommerce products. You have to navigate the following steps to add your events:

Visit Products → Add New

Add Product


7.Product Data

There are some settings that have to be configured in the product data box for adding an event as a product to your WooCommerce store. Firstly, select Events as product type.

Now trace the following steps:

1. General Settings

Input the price of your events under the general settings.

You have to enter the following information:

  • Regular Price: The price at which the event is usually sold on your website.
  •  Sale Price: The price at which you want to sell event tickets.
Event General Setting

Press on the Schedule button to sell the event on the sale price for a specific period of time.

Schedule Price


Under the event plugin WordPress settings, you can configure the following:

  • Start Date/ Time: Fill in the start date and time of the event.
  • End Date/ Time: Fill in the date and time when the event ends.
  • Venue: Enter the accurate address of the event to get the best Google map results.
  • Remove/ Hide Product: Click the checkbox if you want to Remove/Hide event product on being expired.
  • Disable Shipping Charges: Click the checkbox if you want to disable the shipping charges for a particular product.
  • Display event on google map: Click this checkbox if you want to display the location of your event on Google maps on the product page.
disable shipping events


8.Inventory Management

The inventory management for Event products is the same as other WooCommerce products like Simple, Variable, or Grouped products.

Event Check-In

Customers can validate their check-in from the WooCommerce store. The customers have to follow the following steps:


  1. Log in to the store with their account credentials.
  2. Visit the Event Check-In Page
  3. From the drop-down menu choose the event for which the check-in has to be validated.
  4. Enter their ticket number.
  5. Enter their email id.
  6. Press the Check-In button.
Event Checkin

9.WPML Compatibility

The Event Tickets Manager For WooCommerce is made compatible with the WordPress Multilingual (WPML) plugin for localization of the event manager plugin’s strings.

For translating the plugin the first step is to extract all the strings of the plugin and it can be done with the help of the following steps:

  1. From your, WordPress Admin Panel visit WPML → Themes and Plugins Localization.
  2. Now scroll down to the Strings in the plugins section.
  3. Lastly, select the Events Ticket Manager For WooCommerce plugin from the list of plugins.


event ticket manager

To translate the strings into the language of your choice press the Translate Strings button present next to the plugin.

You’ll be redirected to a page where all the strings of the plugin are listed and you can translate each string from here.


event ticket manager


Upon visiting this page you can manually select a string for translation by clicking on the “+” button next to each string in a row.

A popup will occur in which you can write the translation of the string.


event ticket manager

Once you’ve written the translation it will be automatically saved and when the customer chooses a different language they’ll see the translated version of the string.



10.Premium Version Settings

Event Tickets Manager For WooCommerce Pro is a very unique WooCommerce plugin that allows you to create a complete event management website. The plugin allows you to sell offline events in WordPress. Also, you can easily manage the number of seats (ticket quantity) using the robust WooCommerce inventory management system.


  • In-depth analytic reports of your events and attendees.
  • Allow customers to buy multiple tickets for a single event.
  • Custom branding options with multiple layout options for ticket PDFs.
  • Bulk import of attendees for any event.
  • Allow the attendee to transfer the ticket to another attendee.
  • Event Plugin allow you to Send custom emails/SMS to all attendees.
  • You can share your event on Facebook.
  • Price Increment on Stock Basis.
  • Price Increment on Days left to the event.
  • Send Tickets To Users On Processing Order Also.
  • Set The Price Of Event Tickets Depending On Specific User Type.
  • Event Tickets plugin allows customers for an easy check-in process by using QR Code.
  • Event Tickets WooCommerce allows you to filter all the event related order in order table.
  • When transferring tickets to a new client, best WordPress Event plugin allows the sending of emails with PDF tickets.
  • Event Ticket system is customized in such a way that Customers can directly download event tickets in PDF format from the “My Account” page.


  1. Get Premium version of Plugin Event Tickets Manager For WooCommerce Pro
  2. Visit the WooCommerce event plugin to learn more about the plugin’s Premium features and functionality.

11.Feedback and Suggestions

Don’t see a feature in the Event Tickets Manager for WooCommerce plugin that you think would be useful?

We’d love to hear it: Reach out to our Support query and we’ll consider adding it in a future release.


Yes, the Events tickets Manager For WooCommerce Provides the Exact location of events to the user on the Product page and tickets as the plugin is Integrated with Google Maps.

The Event Manager Plugin gives the store owner an In-depth view of How the Events are Performing. You can view the Performance of your products as :

  • Event wise 
  • Attendee wise

Yes, With the help of the Event tickets manager plugin customers can download the tickets in PDF format. Also when the customer purchases an event the downloadable PDF file is mailed to the customer.

The event ticket manager supports all the WooCommerce payment gateway for Example PayPal, COD, Stripe, Direct bank transfer, Check payment.

YES, Since the Event tickets Manager supports WPML you can translate the strings and text of our extension into other languages.

Yes, we have this feature in the Ticket manager Plugin that allows the admin to export the list of attendees in CSV or a pdf format.

No, Presently we only provide offline event bookings where we have provided a page where owners people will enter the ticket number manually.

Customers can download and view their tickets from my account page.

Tickets will be sent to the customer via email with the pdf attachment.

Yes, we have this feature in the Event Ticket Manager Plugin where Admin can add the attendees manually.

Yes, you can create events as a product type. For this please enable our plugin then go to the dashboard >> Product >> select add new. Now from the drop-down menu beside Product Data select Event.


Multisite Compatibility

Multisite Compatibility feature allow users to manage multiple websites of similar nature from a single dashboard. With this compatibility, you can install the Event Ticket Manager plugin on sites within your multisite network.

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