4.Zendesk Account Settings

After successfully activating the Order Sync with Zendesk for WooCommerce plugin and WooCommerce Orders App, you need to connect your Zendesk account to check the ticket and order details.

  • In the admin panel of your WooCommerce store, go to Zendesk Order Sync→ Account Settings. 
  • Here you can connect your Zendesk Account with WooCommerce.
  • In the fields, enter your
  1. panel Zendesk URL
  2. Zendesk admin Email, and
  3. Zendesk API token
  • After entering your credentials, click on the Submit button. 
zenndesk for woocommerce
  • Your Zendesk account will now be connected with the Order Sync plugin. You can now check the Zendesk tickets in your WooCommerce dashboard and users can generate new tickets from the frontend. 
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