1. Overview
  2. How to Download the Premium Plugin?
  3. Installation
  4. General Settings In Wallet for WooCommerce Plugin
  5. WooCommerce Wallet Settings
    1. Edit the Wallet of All Users at Once
    2. Bulk Update Selective Wallets
    3. Import Wallets Details & Recharge With CSV File
    4. WooCommerce Wallet User List
    5. Restrict Wallet User
  6. WooCommerce Wallet Transactions
  7. Wallet Withdrawal Request
  8. Wallet Cashback
    1. Enable Wallet CashBack
    2. Process Wallet CashBack
    3. Wallet Cashback Rule
    4. Wallet Cashback Type
    5. Enter Wallet Cashback Amount
    6. Minimum Cart Amount
    7. Maximum Wallet Cashback Amount
    8. Restrict Wallet Cashback For Particular Gateway
    9. Show Gateway Restriction Message on Checkout Page
    10. Hide Wallet Cashback Message on Cart Page
    11. Hide Wallet Cashback Message at Checkout Page
  9. WooCommerce Wallet Actions
    1. Customize Your Wallet Rechargeable Product
    2. Wallet Withdrawal Fee Settings
    3. Wallet Transfer Fee Setting
    4. Refer a Friend
    5. Wallet Auto Top-up
    6. Credit Amount On User Daily Visit
    7. Credit Amount On New User Registration
    8. Credit Amount On Comment
  10. WooCommerce Wallet Regulations
  11. WooCommerce Wallet Promotions
  12. Wallet Quick Recharge
  13. Wallet for WooCommerce Rest API
  14. Wallet Coupons
  15. Wallet Recharge Orders
  16. Compatible with Currency Switcher for WooCommerce
  17. Compatibility With Gift Card for WooCommerce Pro
  18. WPML Compatibility
  19. Subscription For WooCommerce Compatibility
  20. RMA Return Refund & Exchange for WooCommerce Pro Compatibility
  21. Elementor Page Builder Compatibility
  22. WooCommerce Wallet System Front-End
    1. Wallet QR Code
    2. Add Balance
    3. Wallet Transfer
    4. Send Invitation to Users
    5. Wallet Withdrawal Request
    6. Redeem Wallet Coupons
    7. Wallet Transactions
    8. Wallet Balance Widget
  23. Negative Wallet Amount
    1. Delete User’s Transactions
    2. Wallet Recharge Status Auto Update
  24. Feedback and Suggestions 
  25. FAQs
  26. Helpful Resources!!


The Wallet System for WooCommerce Pro allows your registered customers to use a digital wallet on your WooCommerce store. Customers can pay for your products and services using their wallet balance.  With this plugin, you can add or remove funds from customers’ wallets in bulk, view & download wallet transaction history, and send email notifications to customers. Key features of WooCommerce Wallet System: 
  • Enable autocomplete for orders purchased using wallet money
  • Change the email address for sending wallet notifications
  • Show or hide wallet restriction messages on the users’ frontend panel.
  • Show or hide cashback messages on the cart and checkout page.
  • skip any payment gateway for offering wallet cashback. And show the gateway restriction message to users.
  • Use the wallet shortcode [wps-wallet-amount] to show the current user’s wallet amount.
  • You can set the minimum/maximum top-up limit for customers.
  • Selectively bulk edit the wallet balance of users.
  • Set up a fee for customers using wallet withdrawal and wallet transfer features.
  • Let your customers make withdrawal requests by providing their details.
  • Use the shortcode [wps-wallet] to display the wallet front end with a QR code generator.
  • Get emails on every wallet withdrawal request.
  • Automate wallet recharge with top-up subscription set up.
  • Enable your customers to send Invites to their friends to join the Wallet System.
  • Show customers their wallet amount in a widget.
  • Allow customers to generate QR codes to receive payment from other wallet users.
  • View and download the wallet transaction history.
  • Add or remove funds to the wallets of all their customers in bulk or individually.
  • View all wallet recharge orders (top-up by customers) in a separate order list in the WooCommerce section.
  • Use the shortcode [wps-wallet] to display the user wallet on any page.
  • You can offer wallet credit to customers on daily login, signup, and product reviews.
  • Let users earn cashback rewards and receive them directly into their wallets.
  • Compatible with Subscriptions for WooCommerce and Subscriptions for WooCommerce Pro plugin.
  • Compatible with Gift Card for WooCommerce Pro and Ultimate Gift Card for WooCommerce.
  • Compatible with WPML.
  • compatible with RMA Return Refund & Exchange For WooCommerce Pro.
  • Compatible With Currency Switcher for WooCommerce.
Note: The Wallet System for WooCommerce PRO will ONLY work if you have installed its free version:Wallet System for WooCommerce plugin.

2.How to Download the Premium Plugin?

To download the premium plugin which you purchased please follow the below steps:-

1. Go To https://wpswings.com/my-account

2. Visit Orders Section

There you will get a License code and a Premium purchased plugin zip file Download and use it on your website by activating it

Note: You need to have Free and Pro Both plugins in order to use them smoothly


2.1. Automatic Installation

Automatic installation is the easiest option as WordPress handles the file transfers itself. To get your purchased plugin, follow these steps:

  1. After completing your plugin purchase, Go To My Account.
  2. From My Account, go to the “Download” section. [Here, you can easily find all your purchased plugins].
  3. Click on the “Download” button present across your purchased plugin to download your extension.
  4. Now, log in to your WordPress Dashboard.
  5. From the sidebar, click on Plugins.
  6. Click on Add New.
  7. Click the Choose File button and choose your downloaded plugin’s .zip file, and click on Install.
  8. Now, click on the Activate button.
  9. You’re all set to use the WooCommerce Wallet System.

Note: Visit the Login page to create your account before completing your purchase.

2.2. Manual Installation

The manual installation method involves downloading our WooCommerce Wallet System extension and uploading it to your webserver via your favourite FTP application.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Upload the WooCommerce Wallet System folder to the/wp-content/plugins directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.


Before activating the Wallet System For WooCommerce, you should have the Wallet System For WooCommerce – WordPress plugin else the plugin will not function.

So, if you don’t already have it, you can download it directly from here:

Download Zip

4.General Settings In Wallet for WooCommerce Plugin

After the successful installation and activation of the WooCommerce Wallet System plugin, the admin can perform the following actions in the general settings:

wallet general settings

4.1. Enable

Click on the toggle to enable the WooCommerce Wallet System plugin. 

Note: Admin has to add some money in their wallet to enable Wallet Payment method from WooCommerce > setting > payment.

4.2. Wallet Recharge

Click on the Wallet Recharge toggle to allow customers to recharge their wallets using the payment methods available on your WooCommerce. 

4.3. Make Wallet Recharge Product Tax-Free

You can enable this toggle button if you wish to make the wallet recharge product tax-free for users. The recharge product will be taxed like other orders if you turn off this feature.

4.4. Auto Complete Wallet Payment Order Status

You can enable the autocomplete option for orders where the wallet is used as a payment method. Soon as the customers purchase the product, it will be marked complete. Thus, making the shopping swifter.

4.5. Enable Checkout Fields at Checkout 

By default, the checkout fields are hidden during the wallet recharge checkout process. But you can enable this toggle button to show checkout fields during the top-up order placement. 

4.6. Enable Wallet Script For My Account Wallet

This feature is specifically for those users who are unable to select the wallet option in the “My Account” section. If your users face such issues, please enable this option.

4.7. Send Email On Wallet Amount Update to Customers

Enable this toggle button to let customers receive an email notification every time their wallet amount is updated. 

4.8. Enter Email For Wallet Amount Update Send To Customers

You can edit the email address used for delivering wallet notifications (balance updates). By default, these updates are sent to users via your WooCommerce store’s email address.

4.9. Enable Wallet Partial Payment Method

Click on this toggle button to allow the partial payment method for all users.

4.10. Select Partial Payment Option 

When the wallet balance is lower than the order total, customers will be able to use it to deposit partial payment. There are two options available: 

Manual Wallet Amount: Select this option to allow customers to flexibly choose any amount for partial payment.

Total Wallet Payment: If you select this option, then wallet users will be able to pay their total wallet balance as a partial payment.

4.11. Wallet Shortcode

You can use the shortcode [wps-wallet] code to display the user’s wallet along with the QR generator anywhere in your store.

4.12. Wallet Amount Shortcode  

Show users their WooCommerce wallet balance anywhere in your store using this shortcode [wps-wallet-amount].

4.13. Message for Customers

Add a customized message under the Notes field of the withdrawal request form.

4.14. Admin Email for wallet Withdrawal Request

Enter the email address on which you want to receive the wallet withdrawal request emails.
At last, click on Save Settings to save the changes you have made.

At last, click on Save Settings to save the changes you have made.

5.WooCommerce Wallet Settings

Wallet settings allow you to add and remove customers’ wallet balances in bulk or individually and view the wallet users list. 

The Wallet settings tab contains the following settings: 

  • Edit The Wallet of All Users at Once
  • Import Wallet Balance from a CSV File
  • The Wallet User List
WooCommerce Wallet Setting

5.1.Edit the Wallet of All Users at Once

Using this setting, you can credit or debit the amount in or from all user wallets in bulk. Follow these steps to edit the Wallet of all users once: 

  • Go to the Wallet Settings Tab.
  • In the Amount box, enter the amount you want to debit/credit. 
  • Choose the Action: Debit or Credit. 
  • Then, click Update Wallet

Note: The amount entered in the Amount box should always be a whole number. No fractions or decimal numbers are allowed. 

Transaction Detail: You can also add the transaction detail to clarify the purpose of bulk credit and debit.

5.2.Bulk Update Selective Wallets

You can select any number of wallet users from the user list and edit their balance bulky with the following steps:

  • Go to the Wallet User list.
  • Click on the checkbox adjacent to the user ID content.
  • Go to the “Edit the Wallet of All Users at Once” section and enter the credit/debit value.
  • Finally, click on Update to selectively bulk update.

5.3.Import Wallets Details & Recharge With CSV File

Download the Wallet details file containing data regarding users and their balances by clicking on the Export Wallet Details button. 

Also, you can edit the wallet balance of any user with a CSV file. Follow these steps to import the wallet balance data from a CSV file:

  • Go to the Wallet setting tab. 
  • Click on the Download CSV Demo File button from the Import Wallets for Users section. 
  • Open the file and edit the following details: User ID, Balance, and Transaction Type (credit or debit). 
  • Now, return to the same section and click on the Browse button. 
  • Select the modified CSV file and upload it. 
  • Finally, hot the Import Wallet button.

5.4.WooCommerce Wallet User List

In the section, you can view the wallet users list, edit the wallet amount individually, and see the wallet transaction history.

Follow these steps to edit the wallet amount individually: 

  • Go to the Wallet tab. 
  • To update the wallet amount, use the search bar above the wallet user table to find a particular user or select the user from the wallet user table. 
  • From the Actions column, click on the edit icon. 
  • The edit wallet amount popup will appear.
wallet user list
  • Enter the amount in the Amount box and mention the transaction detail.
  • Select the Debit or Credit option.
  • Click on the Update Wallet button to implement your changes. 

Follow these steps to view the wallet transactions history: 

  • From the Actions column of any user, click on the View icon. 
  • It will display the Wallet transactions of the user. 

From the search bar, you can filter the list according to any keyword and date range. 

5.5.Restrict Wallet User

The wallet system allows the admin to restrict any user from using the wallet features.

You can restrict any user from using the following features: Add Balance, Wallet Transfer, Wallet Coupon Redeem, and Wallet Withdrawal Request.

You can block the wallet features separately for any user. Or implement a specific configuration of feature restrictions for all users.

Note: By default, all users are unrestricted.

For example, you may restrict user ‘A’ from only using Add balance and Wallet Transaction feature. You can apply this restriction globally for all wallet users.

The users can only use the remaining balance to purchase your products and services.

To do this, go to the wallet user list table and click on the edit icon from the ‘Restrict User’ column.

wallet user restriction

Then, select the features you want to restrict for the user. Or apply the same restriction globally by enabling the ‘Apply for All Users’ toggle button. At last, click on the Restrict Wallet button to implement the changes.

Wallet Users Restriction

Note: By default, all users are unrestricted.

Before Wallet Restriction:

user wallet before restriction
After Wallet Restriction:
After Wallet Restriction

6.WooCommerce Wallet Transactions


wallet transactions

The Wallet Transaction tab shows the list of the customers’ transactions and edits (credits and debits) you have made into customers’ wallet accounts. 

You can filter this transaction list from the search bar with keywords and date range and also export the transactions list in an excel spreadsheet, CSV, or PDF file.

Follow these steps to export the wallet transactions list: 

  • Go to the Wallet Transactions tab.   
  • Click on the Export Excel or Export CSV button to download the wallet transaction list. 

7.Wallet Withdrawal Request

The Wallet System for WooCommerce Pro allows your customers to file a withdrawal request to withdraw money from their wallet accounts and transfer it into their bank account or any preferred payment apps.

They have to file a withdrawal request and provide you with their payment details. You can view and manage these withdrawal requests from the Withdrawal Request tab.

wallet withdrawal request tab

You can filter the withdrawal requests list by keywords and request status. The table also shows the ‘Username’ column that contains the user names linked to their profiles, which you can view by clicking on them. Also, you’ll receive email notifications on all withdrawal requests.

There are three withdrawal request statuses in the Filter By dropdown:

  • Approved 
  • Pending 
  • Rejected

Note: You have to address and resolve each withdrawal request manually.

8. Wallet Cashback

The wallet cashback tab allows you to establish a cashback reward system. You can send cashback rewards directly into the users’ wallets irrespective of the payment method used.

wallet cashback

Go to the WP Swings > Wallet System > Wallet Cashback tab to set up the wallet cashback functionality:

8.1.Enable Wallet CashBack

Enable this toggle to use the wallet cashback feature.

8.2.Process Wallet CashBack

In this dropdown, you can select the order statuses at which the cashback will be sent to the users’ wallets. The dropdown consists of the following statuses:

  • Complete.
  • Processing.
  • On Hold.
  • Payment Pending.

8.3.Wallet Cashback Rule

The wallet cashback rule dropdown allows the admin to determine if the cashback offer will be available Cart-Wise or Category-Wise.

Cart-Wise Rule: If select this option, then the wallet cashback will apply to the first product of each product type added to the cart.

Here is how the cart discount works in the front end.

wallet cashback on product
Users will get notified of the cashback reward they are getting.

cashback category

Category-Wise: When you select the Category-Wise cashback rule, you will get the option to select the product categories in which you want to offer the wallet cashback.

Per Category-Wise Settings: You can configure the Wallet Cashback feature individually for every category. These settings will override the configuration of the categories added under the global cashback rule.

wallet category edit

Note: The only pre-condition to configure the per-category cashback settings is to select the category-wise cashback rule.

Afterward, follow these steps:

1. From the Admin menu, Go to the Product > Categories section.
2. Set the Cashback Type as Fixed or Percentage.
3. Set the Cashback Amount.
4. Then, click on Update.

Case 1: If there are multiple items of the same category in the cart, then the customer will receive wallet cashback on each product until the maximum cashback amount is reached.

Case 2: If there are multiple products of different categories, then the customer will receive wallet cashback on the individual product of each category.

Here is how it appears on the shop page:

category wise cashback

8.4.Wallet Cashback Type

The Wallet system offers two types of cashback: Percentage and Fixed.

8.5.Enter Wallet Cashback Amount

In this section, you can enter the value for the selected wallet cashback type.

8.6.Minimum Cart Amount

You can decide the minimum cart amount on which customers will be able to earn wallet cashback.

8.7.Maximum Wallet Cashback Amount

You can set a maximum amount for wallet cashback. It will limit the cashback reward to the set limit. For example, if the customer purchases a $1000 product that has a 10% cashback offer on it, then instead of receiving $100, they will receive the maximum wallet cashback set by you.

wallet cashback limit

If the maximum amount is $80, then the customer will get that amount irrespective of the cashback value.

8.8.Restrict Wallet Cashback For Particular Gateway

You can choose to skip offering cashback rewards on any payment gateway. For example, if the COD and bank transfer are skipped from the cashback reward program for any products or categories, customers will not get any rewards.

8.9.Show Gateway Restriction Message on Checkout Page

You can show a notification to all wallet users to remind them of the skipped payment gateways. So, they can only choose your preferred payment methods for availing of cashback rewards.

8.10.Hide Wallet Cashback Message on Cart Page

The WooCommerce wallet shows a cashback message on the cart page notifying users of the rewards they’ll receive. You can disable this toggle button to hide the cashback message.

8.11.Hide Wallet Cashback Message at Checkout Page

You can click on this toggle button to hide wallet cashback message on the checkout page from wallet users.

9.WooCommerce Wallet Actions

The Wallet System plugin allows the admin to establish a WooCommerce credit system to encourage users to perform certain favorable actions. In this reward system, you can let customers earn wallet credit on daily login, signup, and product review comments.

In this tab, you can also configure a top-up subscription plan for a period of days, weeks, months, and years. Customers can choose to recharge their wallets regularly or with a subscription.

WooCommerce Wallet Action

9.1.Customize Your Wallet Rechargeable Product

The wallet top-up order placement is similar to conventional products. It is also a rechargeable product that can be customized as per your need. 

Wallet Topup Page

Click on the Click Here button to edit the Wallet Rechargeable product. Similar to other product customization, you can change the wallet product’s title, tax class, images, and more. 

Finally, click on the Update button to implement your changes.

9.2. Wallet Withdrawal Fee Settings

You can charge wallet withdrawal fees from customers. This fee will be deducted the moment the customer successfully places the withdrawal request from the front-end panel. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Enable Wallet Withdrawal Extra Fee Settings toggle button.
  • Select Withdrawal Fee Type. (Percentage or Fixed)
  • Enter the value for the selected fee type.
  • Then, click on Save Settings.

wallet withdrawal fee settings

9.3.Wallet Transfer Fee Setting

By default wallet fund transfers are free. But you can charge a transfer fee from the customers, which will be deducted automatically after they successfully transfer funds to any user. Follow the instructions to set this fee:

  • Enable the Wallet transfer Extra Fee Settings toggle button.
  • Select the Wallet Transfer Fee Type (Fixed or Percentage)
  • Enter the Fee For Wallet Transfer Process.
  • And click on Save Settings.

9.4.Refer a Friend

The wallet system expands your user base by offering rewards to users upon bringing new users via referral links. You can set the referral reward amount and enter the customized referral description. 

Finally, save your settings. 

Users copy the referral link by going to their wallet panel and clicking on the share button.

refer a friend

9.5.Wallet Auto Top-up

Enable Wallet Auto Top-up Settings: Enable this toggle button to implement the auto top-up feature. Afterward, customers can set the amount of periodic auto top-up after recharging their wallets.

To enable this feature, you must install the Subscription for WooCommerce Plugin.

Enter Subscription Per Interval: Enter the number of auto recharges in the subscription plan. The top-up can be daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

Enter Subscription Expiry Interval: Enter the subscription duration (daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly). It sets the number of times the auto top-up reoccurs. For example, if you select 5 days for 10 weeks, then auto recharge will take place for 5 days every week until the plan expires.

You can leave this textbox empty to set up unlimited intervals.

Note: After you set up a top-up subscription, customers will have to recharge their wallets to set the auto top-up amount.

9.6.Credit Amount On User Daily Visit

Enable Daily Visit Settings: Enable this toggle to start the daily visit rewards.

Enter Daily Visit Amount: Enter the amount you want to offer to wallet users on their daily visits.

Note: By default, A user can only get the daily visit credit after a period of 24 hours.

9.7.Credit Amount On New User Registration

Enable Signup Settings: Click on this toggle button to allow the user to earn credit on wallet registration.

Enter Signup Amount: Enter the amount you want the users to receive as a reward on signup

Enter Signup Description: Enter the text that will appear to users upon earning signup credit.
wallet credit on signup

9.8.Credit Amount On Comment

Enable Comments Settings: Click on this toggle to enable customers to earn rewards for submitting reviews on single product pages.

Enter Comments Amount: You can determine the amount your customers will earn per product review.

User Per Post Comment: Enter the number of reviews a particular wallet user is allowed to submit on any product.

Enter Comment Description: You can add custom comment label text to inform your registered users about the reward on product review submission.

After configuring the WooCommerce customer credit settings, click on the Save Changes button.

The transactions made for rewarding credits to the users will be reflected in the Wallet Transactions tabs.

credit amount on comment

10.WooCommerce Wallet Regulations

You can set lower and upper limits for various transactional functionalities and control the wallet for WooCommerce according to your preferences. 

wallet regulization

10.1. Amount Restriction For Wallet Recharge

Regulate the wallet recharge by setting a top and bottom limit. To do this, follow these steps: 

  • Enable the Wallet Recharge Restriction toggle
  • Enter the Minimum and Minimum Wallet Recharge Amount 
  • Lastly, click Save Settings. 

10.2. Amount Restriction For Wallet Transfer

Control the amount your customers can transfer between themselves with these steps: 

  • Enable the Wallet Transfer Restriction toggle 
  • Enter the Maximum and Minimum Amount for Wallet Transfer 
  • Save your settings. 

10.3. Amount Restriction For Wallet Withdrawal

Define how much money customers can request to withdraw from their WooCommerce wallets. 

  • Enable Wallet Withdrawal Restriction settings. 
  • Set the Maximum and Minimum Amount for Wallet Withdrawal. 
  • Finally, save your settings. 

11.WooCommerce Wallet Promotions

Wallet for WooCommerce has promotional features to let you advertise attractive offers, deals, & discounts to wallet users and hype them to spend more money. To do this, follow these steps:

woocommerce wallet promotion

11.1. Enable Wallet Promotions: Click on this toggle button to enable the wallet promotional features. 

11.2. Enable Wallet Limited Time Offer: Enable this setting to add a countdown timer to your wallet offer and create urgency for users. 

11.3. Wallet Promotions Title: Enter a suitable title for your promotional offer to attract customer attention. 

11.4. Wallet Promotions Content: Enter the promotion offer message, click on add, and save your settings. 

That’s how your offer will look to users on their wallet panel. 

show wallet promotional offers

Note: These offer cards are only used for display. There is no automation for customers to directly avail the benefits. So, they have to manually fulfill the conditions of the deal. 

12.Wallet Quick Recharge

Create and display one or many Quick Recharge buttons for the users to recharge their wallets with the pre-defined top-up values.

wallet quick recharge
  • Enable the Wallet Quick Recharge
  • Enter the rechargeable amount and click Save Settings. 
  • Now, if you want to give more than one quick recharge option, click on the Add button.
quick recharge option wallet plugin

When your users click on any of these recharge buttons, the wallet recharge order will be initiated. They can place their orders to top-up the wallets. 

13.Wallet for WooCommerce Rest API

REST API tab enables you to generate API keys for  Wallet System for WooCommerce Pro. You can use these API keys to allow external apps to view and manage wallets.

Follow these steps to get the API Keys:

  • Go to the Rest API tab.
  • Click on the Generate API Key button. 
wallet rest api

It will generate the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret key. You can click on the Delete API Keys button to remove the keys. 

The generated API Keys allow you to manage the following functions: 

  • Authentication
  • Retrieve Users
  • Retrieve particular user wallet amount
  • Retrieve particular user wallet transactions
  • Update wallet of users

REST API details

Base Url for accessing customer wallet: {home_url}/wp-json/wsfw-route/v1/wallet/


For authentication, you need Consumer Key consumer_key and Consumer Secret consumer_secret keys. Response on wrong API details:
“code”: “rest_forbidden”,
“message”: “Sorry, your key details are incorrect.”,
“data”: {
“status”: 401

Retrieve Wallet Of All Users

Retrieves the wallet of all the users with their details. The HTTP request is:

GET {home_url}/wp-json/wsfw-route/v1/wallet/users?consumer_key=XXXX&consumer_secret=XXXX where <id> is an user id of user.

Example: http://tester2.local/wp-json/wsfw-route/v1/wallet/users?consumer_key=XXXX&consumer_secret=XXXX

JSON response example:
“user_id”: 1,
“user_name”: “root”,
“user_email”: “[email protected]”,
“user_role”: “administrator”,
“wallet_balance”: “160.2”
“user_id”: 2,
“user_name”: “Demo”,
“user_email”: “[email protected]”,
“user_role”: “customer”,
“wallet_balance”: “225”
Retrieve particular user wallet amount

Retrieves the wallet balance of an existing user. The HTTP request is:

GET {home_url}/wp-json/wsfw-route/v1/wallet/<id>?consumer_key=XXXX&consumer_secret=XXXX where <id> is an user id of user.


JSON response example:

Retrieve particular user wallet transactions

Retrieves all transactions related to the wallet of the user. The HTTP request is:

GET {home_url}/wp-json/wsfw-route/v1/wallet/transactions/<id>?consumer_key=XXXX&consumer_secret=XXXX where <id> is an user id of user.

Example: http://tester2.local/wp-json/wsfw-route/v1/wallet/transactions/1?consumer_key=XXXX&consumer_secret=XXXX
JSON response example:
“Id”: “90”,
“user_id”: “1”,
“amount”: “22”,
“transaction_type”: “Debited by admin”,
“payment_method”: “Manually By Admin”,
“transaction_id”: “”,
“note”: “”,
“date”: “2021-04-22 20:16:23”
“Id”: “94”,
“user_id”: “1”,
“amount”: “12”,
“transaction_type”: “Wallet credited through purchase #159”,
“payment_method”: “bacs”,
“transaction_id”: “159”,
“note”: “”,
“date”: “2021-04-22 21:35:47”

Update wallet of the User

This allows you to update the (credit/debit) wallet of the particular user. The HTTP request is:

PUT {home_url}/wp-json/wsfw-route/v1/wallet/<id> where <id> is an user id of user.

Required Headers

Content-Type: application/JSON

Example: http://tester2.local/wp-json/wsfw-route/v1/wallet/1



14.Wallet Coupons

Our WooCommerce wallet system enables merchants to create wallet coupons that customers can redeem to add balance to their accounts.

wallet coupons

Follow these steps to create wallet coupons:

  • Go to the Wallet Coupons section from the admin menu.
  • Click on Add New wallet Coupon and start creating your coupon.

add new wallet coupon

  • Under the Add Title textbox, click on Generate Wallet Coupon Code to automatically generate the coupon code.
  • You can also add a custom wallet coupon code.
  • Enter coupon description.
  • Scroll down to the Create Wallet Coupon section and add the Coupon Amount in the General tab.
  • Then, check the Coupon Status checkbox to activate the coupon
  • Now, move to the Usage Limit tab.
  • Here, you can set the Usage limit per coupon and the Usage limit per user.
  • Next, click on Publish. And you are done.

You can send these wallet coupons to your leads and customers through your preferred communication channels.

Note: Usage limit per coupon is defined as the number of times a coupon can be redeemed.

Usage limit per user is the number of users who can redeem a coupon.

For example, If the Usage limit per coupon is 4 and the Usage limit per user is 2, then both users can redeem the coupon in any combination but only four times in total.

The user has to go to My Account > Wallet > Wallet Coupon Redeem, enter the coupon code, and click on Redeem Coupon.

15.Wallet Recharge Orders

The Wallet Recharge Orders list is added as a sub-menu in the WooCommerce section after the wallet plugin activation. You can view and manage the customers’ wallet top-ups. And filter the recharge order list by order status.

wallet recharge orders

16.Compatible with Currency Switcher for WooCommerce

The WooCommerce Wallet Pro is compatible with the Currency Switcher for WooCommerce and Currency Switcher for WooCommerce Pro plugin.

The WOOCS plugin allows you to change your website’s working currency.

To change the currency of the wallet system, Install and activate the Currency Switcher plugin. And follow the instructions:

  • Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Currencies.
  • Select any of the listed currencies.
  • Click on the Save Changes button.

Afterward, all wallet transactions will take place in the currency you choose.

17.Compatibility With Gift Card for WooCommerce Pro

The Woo Wallet Plugin is compatible with Gift Card for WooCommerce Pro and Ultimate Gift Card for WooCommerce.

This compatibility allows users to redeem gift card coupons to recharge their wallets. After the gift card plugin is activated, the Recharge via Gift Card option is added to the wallet frontend panel.

Users can enter coupon codes, click on proceed button, and the complete card balance will be updated in their wallets.

wallet gift card compatibility

18.WPML Compatibility

The WooCommerce Wallet System is made compatible with the WordPress Multilingual (WPML) plugin for localization of the WooCommerce Wallet System plugin’s strings.

For translating the plugin the first step is to extract all the strings of the plugin and it can be done with the help of the following steps:

  1. From your WordPress Admin Panel, visit WPML → Themes and Plugins Localization.
  2. Now scroll down to the Strings in the plugins section.
  3. Lastly, select the WooCommerce Wallet System plugin from the list of plugins.
wpml woocommerce wallet

To translate the strings into the language of your choice press the Translate Strings button present next to the plugin.

You’ll be redirected to a page where all the strings of the plugin are listed and you can translate each string from here.

wpml wallet system strings

Upon visiting this page you can manually select a string for translation by clicking on the “+” button next to each string in a row.

A popup will occur in which you can write the translation of the string.


Once you’ve written the translation it will be automatically saved and when the customer chooses a different language they’ll see the translated version of the string.

wpml lang

19.Subscription For WooCommerce Compatibility

Wallet System for WooCommerce Pro is compatible with Subscriptions For Woocommerce and Subscriptions for WooCommerce Pro.

Subscription for WooCommerce Pro allows you to create and sell subscription products and ensure recurring revenue. With this compatibility, the users can use their wallet balance to purchase subscription products.

The basic requirement is installing and activating the Subscription for WooCommerce Pro and creating a subscription product.

Follow these steps to create a subscription product:

wallet subscrption compatibility

  • From the Admin menu, go to WP Swings > Wallet System.
  • Select the Partial Payment Option: Total Wallet Amount or Manual Wallet Amount.
  •  Click on the Enable To Use Wallet Amount On Renewal Order. 
  • Select the Appy Amount Type (Percentage/Fix).
  • Then, enter the amount/percentage to be deducted from the wallet during order renewal.
  • At last, click on Save Settings. 

Note: Customers can use the Wallet partial payment feature to pay for subscriptions. They can also set up subscription order renewal payments as fixed and percentage.

Here is how it appears on the checkout page for the Total Wallet Amount option: subscription wallet partial payment

For the Manual Wallet Amount:

subscription partial payment through wallet

20.RMA Return Refund & Exchange for WooCommerce Pro Compatibility

The Wallet System for WooCommerce Pro is compatible with RMA Return Refund & Exchange for WooCommerce Pro. In this compatibility, the users can request the refund amount to be transferred directly to their wallets.

Configuring RMA Settings

After the successful installation, go to the WP Swings > Return Refund Exchange for WooCommerce > General Settings. And enable the following settings:

Enable Refund
Enable Order Message
Enable Exchange
Enable Cancel
Enable Wallet

Then go to the Wallet tab, and enable the following settings:

Enable To Use Wallet System For WooCommerce Plugin: After enabling this feature, all the wallet amounts will be transferred to Wallet System for WooCommerce.

Enable To Select Refund Method For The Customer: You can allow customers to select the refund method while submitting the refund request.

Here’s how this compatibility works:

Step 1: Customer places the refund request.

rma refund request form

Step 2: Go to WooCommerce > Orders and click on the refund request.

rma refund order list

Step 3: Open the refund request, scroll down to the Refund Requested Product section and click on the ‘Accept Request’ button.

accept refund in wallet systemThen, click on the ‘Refund Amount’ button. The refund amount will be sent to the customer’s wallet.

refund wallet amount

This exchange will show in the wallet transaction history.

rma wallet refund transaction list

21.Elementor Page Builder Compatibility

The Wallet System for WooCommerce is compatible with Elementor Page Builder. This compatibility allows you to add wallet snippets on pages using the drag and drop functionality on Elementor. The wallet snippets allow your customers to access the following functions:

  1. Wallet Recharge
  2. Wallet Transfer
  3. Wallet Withdrawal Request
  4. Wallet Transaction

First, download, install and activate the Elementor Page Builder Plugin. Then, follow these steps to add wallet snippets:

  • From the Admin menu, Go to Pages > Add New.
  • Click on the “Edit With Elementor” Button.
  • In the Elementor Editor, go to the left widget panel and find the ‘Wallet Snippet’.

elementor compatible with wallet

  • Click on the ‘Wallet Snippet’ Widget and drag to the midsection of the page. The ‘Select Wallet Widget’ dropdown will be accessible. Using the dropdown, you can implement any of the four wallet feature snippets.

wallet snippet in elementor

  • You can add the wallet snippets in whatever style you deem appropriate. Afterward, click on publish.

wallet snippets on page

Here is how the page appears on the front end.
page showing frontend functions

22.WooCommerce Wallet System Front-End

This plugin adds the Wallet tab in the WooCommerce account of your customer. To access the Wallet, your customers have to go to My account > Wallet. 

The wallet tab contains the following features: 

  • Add Balance 
  • Transfer 
  • Wallet Withdrawal Request 
  • Transaction History
  • Wallet QR Code

22.1.Wallet QR Code

The users can generate and share QR codes for their wallets. An individual user can scan the wallet QR code of other users and recharge or transfer money into their wallets. They have to click on the Generate QR Code button and copy the QR code to share it. 

Note: The wallet users can use the generated QR codes to recharge their wallets. But they can’t transfer money to themselves.

wallet front end panel

22.2.Add Balance

Your customers can recharge their wallets with the available payment methods on your WooCommerce store. 

add balance

22.3.Wallet Transfer

Customers can transfer their wallet amounts to other wallet users on your WooCommerce store. They have to enter the receiver’s email address, amount and state the reason for transferring the amount. 

balance transfer

22.4.Send Invitation to Users

Using this setting, wallet users can also invite their friends/family to join the wallet system. If the email address entered in the ‘Transfer to’ field doesn’t exist, users will get the option to send an invitation to the email address.

user invite
  • Click on the ‘Invite him/her to get the wallet amount’.
add user details
  • Fill out the name and enter your message.
  • Then, click on Send Invitation.
invitation request sent

22.5.Wallet Withdrawal Request

Customers can file a request to withdraw the amount from their wallets and transfer it into their bank accounts or other payment apps.

withdrawal request

22.6.Redeem Wallet Coupons

The customers can use this section to redeem the wallet coupons generated by the merchant. The balance will be updated immediately after wallet coupon redemption.

wallet coupon redeem

22.7.Wallet Transactions

In this section, your customers can see their wallet transaction history. The transaction list contains details of wallet recharge, debit, credit, transfer, withdrawal, and the emails of both the creditor and debtor.
user transaction history

Note: All fields are mandatory.

22.8.Wallet Balance Widget

In the sidebar section, wallet users will always be able to see their wallet balance.

woocommerce balance widget

23.Negative Wallet Amount

Enable Wallet Negative Balance: Navigate to the General Tab and Toggle this button to enable negative wallet support. After enabling this setting you can also credit a negative amount in the customer’s wallet.

enable negative balance

Limit for Negative Balance: In this Tab, you can set the maximum amount limit customers can avail the balance in negative.

limit for negative balance

This is how it will show on frontend.

limit wallet amount frontend

Limit Order Number for Wallet Negative Balance Use: You can restrict new users from using the negative balance based on their order quantity. In simple terms, users will not be able to avail balance in negative until they have reached a predetermined order limit.

limit order for negative balance

As you can see in the above image the order limit is 2 so, users will not be able to avail negative balance until the two orders are completed.

Enable Wallet Interest on Negative Balance Recharge: You can Enable this setting to charge interest on negative wallet amounts during wallet recharge.

enable wallet interest for negative balance

Enter Interest Name: Here you can write your interest name to be shown on the checkout page

name for interest

Wallet Interest Type for Negative Balance: Here you can select the type of interest it can be in percentage or fixed amount.

wallet interest type

Enter Wallet Interest Amount for Negative Balance: Here you can enter the interest amount to charge on wallet recharge.

interest amount negative balance

This is how it will show on frontend

interest on wallet recharge frontend


23.1.Delete User’s Transactions

Admin can manually delete user’s transactions from the transaction table.

delete wallet transactions

23.2.Wallet Recharge Status Auto Update

You can enable this setting in the General Tab to Autocomplete Wallet recharge Orders

wallet recharge status auto update

24.Feedback and Suggestions 

Don’t see a feature in the Wallet System for WooCommerce Pro plugin that you think would be useful?

We’d love to hear it: Reach out to our Support and we’ll consider adding it in a future release.


Yes, The admin can set a maximum/minimum wallet recharge limit for customers. Go to General Settings >> Maximum Wallet Recharge Amount and Minimum Wallet Recharge Wallet Amount. 

Yes, the admin can add a custom message on the withdrawal request page from the Wallet >> General >> Message For Customers box


Yes, the admin can export the CSV/Excel both types of transactions list from the Wallet >> Wallet Transactions >> Export CSV/ Export Excel file.

yes, the admin can add a widget to display the wallet amount on the front-end. For this, go to Appearances >> Widgets >> Wallet Widgets.

Yes from the Frontend >> Wallet Tab >> Generate QR code. The user can generate the Wallet QR code and share it with other wallet users. From the QR code, they will be able to receive money from other users as well as recharge their wallets. 

Yes, the admin can select the wallet system as a payment method and credit the sales commission to the vendors. The Wallet System for WooCommerce Pro is compatible with the Multi-Vendor Marketplace Solution for the WooCommerce plugin. 

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