With Track Orders for WooCommerce Keep your customers informed in real-time with simple order tracking, transforming their waiting time into an engaging and interactive journey. Our plugin allows you to add customized stages to the shipping process, aligning with your unique website’s workflow. With Track Orders for WooCommerce, you can create a comprehensive and user-friendly tracking experience that sets your business apart.

Features of Track Orders for WooCommerce:

  1. Track order with three immersive templates 
  2. Create and use the custom order status
  3. Show the icon for order status in the order table 
  4. Track orders using the unique order ID only 
  5. Quick order tracker button for customers 
  6. Enable Google Maps tracking for customers 
  7. Let customers & guests export orders in a CSV file 
  8. Third-party Shipment Tracking (FedEx) 
  9. Email notifications for order status 
  10. Show additional order details 


1) Automatic Installation:

Automatic installation is the easiest option as WordPress handles the file transfers itself and you don’t need to leave your web browser. 

Steps are as follows: 

  1. Download the zip folder of the plugin Track Order For WooCommerce 
  2. Once downloaded, browse & install the plugin and activate it.

2) Manual Installation:

The manual installation of the plugin is an alternative to installing it in your WordPress environment. It involves downloading our Track Order For WooCommerce  Extension and uploading it to your webserver via FTP. 

Steps are as follows: 

  1. Upload the Track Order For WooCommerce folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory. 
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

3.How Customers Can Track Orders

Customers have to navigate to the My Account > Order Section and click on the Track Orders button to view the shipping progress. 


The Track Orders has two sections; one for showing order details and another for tracking progress.

track order section


4.General Setting

1) Enable Plugin: After the activation of the plugin you need to enable the plugin you can do this by toggling the option from the general setting. 

general setting track order enable plugin

2) Order Tracking Using Order ID: You can enable this setting to allow tracking using only order ID 

Order Tracking Using Order ID

3) Allow users to export Orders: If you wish to enable your logged-in users to export all their orders, simply toggle this setting.

Allow users to export Orders

Users can conveniently export all their orders from the “My Account” section. 

4) Allow Users to Export Orders (Guest Users): To also allow guest users to track their orders without logging in, toggle this setting. 

Allow Users to Export Orders Guest Users

5) Use Icon Instead of Text: Opt to display an icon instead of regular text for the order status in the order table by enabling this. 

Use Icon Instead of Text in track order

6) Send Email Notifications: You can enable this setting to send email notifications to users when their order status changes. 

Send Email Notifications for order tracker

5.Track Order

In the Track Order Section, the admin can enable the order tracking, and select and create custom order status if required. 

1) Enable Custom order status: In the “Track Order” section, you have the option to customize customer order statuses beyond the default options of Approval, Processing, and Shipping. 

Enable Custom order status

2) Set Custom Order Status: In the below tab, you can select from a range of custom order statuses such as Pending Payment, Processing, On Hold, Canceled, Refunded, Failed, and more to correspond with stages like Approval, Processing, and Shipping. 

Set Custom Order Status

6.Custom Order Status

This tab offers advanced customization options for your order statuses. Here, you can create custom order statuses along with personalized logos. 

custom order status name
  1. Custom Order Status Name: Name your custom order status
  2. Upload Default Logo: custom logo to be shown on order status
  3. Click on the Create Order Status button to create the Custom Status.  

7.Multiple Templates

With Track Orders for WooCommerce, you gain access to multiple template options. You can select any of these templates to display to your users.

Multiple Templates options in track order

Users will be shown a new template like this below –

users new template view

8.Track Order With Google Maps

The Track Orders for WooCommerce plugin offers the feature to track your order using Google Maps. 

Track Order With Google Maps

Enable Google Map for Tracking: Toggle this to enable tracking orders with Google Maps

Google Maps API Key: You’ll need an API key to integrate Google Maps simply grab your API key from developers.google.com and add it here.

Order Production Address: Here you can put the address where your orders get produced

Addresses Where The Order Went Through As your order moves through various places, you can include each address to monitor its journey precisely.

Click on the “ADD ADDRESS” button and enter the address of the transit location one by one. 

Finally, click the Save Settings button. Customers can track their orders from the Order section on the My Account Page. 

users new template view
places where your order will travel during transit

9.Shipping Services - FedEx Integration

The delivery tracking plugin allows seamless integration of third-party tracking APIs to enhance order tracking capabilities. Follow the steps below to enable FedEx Shipment Tracking API and set up the necessary credentials. 

shipping service setting

Enable Third-Party Tracking API:  Active thirty-party tracking by enabling the toggle. 

Enter the Shop Address: Put in the physical address of the location from which your 

shipment will depart. 

Enable FedEx Shipment Tracking: Enable the toggle to use FedEx Shipment Tracking API. 

Enter Your FedEx User Key: Provide your FedEx User Key in the specified field. To get the key, you need to have a FedEx developer account. 

Enter Your FedEx User Password: Fill in the password of your FedEx developer account. Provide Your FedEx Account Number. 

Enter the unique account number assigned to your FedEx account. 

Enter your FedEx Meter Number: FedEx uses the meter number to permit your shipping meter and pull your negotiated shipping rates. 

Customers will discover a tracking link or choice in their order confirmation email or within their user account. 

By selecting the tracking link, customers can access the current status and whereabouts of their FedEx shipment in real-time. 

10.WooCommerce Order Tracker Theme Compatible

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