Membership for WooCommerce is a free plugin that allows WooCommerce store owners to create and sell memberships, and assign membership levels to their users. The store owner can give discounts to the WooCommerce members based on their memberships. Through this user registration plugin, you too can build your eCommerce community for offering members-only discounts. 


  1. Include product categories in membership plans
  2. Offer membership subscriptions
  3. Discount on members cart total (percentage or fixed)
  4. Select limited or lifetime accessibility to WooCommerce members 
  5. WooCommerce membership details and plan creation
  6. View user membership history and WooCommerce membership details of customers
  7. Export and import membership plans 
  8. Export members details
  9. Create user after membership payment is complete
  10. Perfectly neat shortcodes for single product page customization
  11. Error logging for handling WooCommerce membership errors
  12. Bulk actions to edit memberships and move them to trash
  13. The membership Plan tab shows all existing membership plans on your WooCommerce store
  14. Filter Member According to Membership Plan and Column Added in Members Table
  15. Filter Member According to Status
  16. Addition of Quick Status Update in Member Table

Plugin Compatibilities


Subsequently, there are two ways of installing the plugin:

Automatic Installation –

These are the steps for automatic installation of Membership for WooCommerce:

    1. Open the dashboard of your WordPress website. From the admin panel, navigate to the sidebar.
    2. Go to Plugins > Menu > Add New
    3. On this ‘add plugins’ page, go to the search bar and browse ‘ Membership for WooCommerce
    4. Find the plugin, Membership for WooCommerce by WP Swings, and click Install Now. 

Manual Installation – 

You can easily download the Membership for WooCommerce plugin from WordPress.org or WP Swings website. Thereafter you can follow these steps for manually installing the Membership for WooCommerce plugin:

  1. Upload the Memberships for WooCommerce folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

After you install the plugin, the Membership for WooCommerce plugin will be shown below the option named WP Swings and another option will be generated in the name of Membership where you will find all the membership plans and members.

You can download our Membership For WooCommerce directly from here :
Please check our Premium Version for more enhanced features :

3.Plugin Configuration Form

Initially on installing the Membership for WooCommerce plugin, the admin is guided through a multi-step setup. As soon as you activate the plugin and proceed towards Membership for WooCommerce from Dashboard, you’ll find a 3-step setup.

1. General Setting: Enable Membership Plan. Switch the toggle button. Press Next.   

Enable Membership Plan

Note: “If you will not enable and skip this here than you will not get by default plan templates from plugin.”

2. Membership Creation: Mention the membership plan name, membership plan amount and include products in the membership plan. Press Next.  

Include Products in membership

3. When you include membership products, some products of your store shall be listed. Choose from available products.

Membership plan creation

4.Membership Overview

If the admin wants an overview of the features of the Membership for WooCommerce plugin, he can go through this space. It is for the understanding of the admin. It has the general outlines of the WooCommerce Membership Plugin.

5.General Settings

For changing the general settings of Membership for WooCommerce plugin:

membership general setting

Go to Dashboard > WP Swings > Membership for WooCommerce > General Settings

The general settings have the following options:

5.1) Enable Membership Plan 

You can enable the membership for WooCommerce plugin by clicking on the toggle button. All other functionalities of our membership plugin will be usable afterward.

5.2) Delete Data At Uninstall 

If enabled, this will automatically delete all the member details and Woo membership data after uninstalling the plugin.  

5.3) Show History To User 

You can enable the visibility of the user’s WooCommerce membership history. This way, the user can visit and see their plan history in the membership tab on ‘My Account Page’.

5.4) Create User After Payment Done 

The admin can allow creation of users after membership payment is completed. No default user shall be created for membership buyers before payment is completed. It can be enabled or disabled as per your need.

After making changes in the general settings of the membership plugin. Save Changes

5.5) Allow Your Members to Cancel their Membership Accounts 

You can allow users to cancel their Woo Membership plans whenever they want. Users have to visit the My Account Page > Membership Plans and click on the cancel button to revoke their membership. 

5.6) Create a Member on Processing Order Status 

The membership plugin creates members even when the purchased plan order is in the processing stage.

5.7) Change the Buy Now Button Text 

You can tailor the Buy Now button text, which is displayed on the Membership Plans page. Simply, enter your custom text and save your changes.

5.8) Membership Plan Page Template

You can choose templates as your preferences for the membership plan page, here is how they look like

Template 1


Template 2


5.9) Enable Dark Mode

Toggle this option to enable the dark mode for the membership plan page, here is how it’ll look on the frontend.

dark mode

6.Membership Settings

The membership setting tab contains advanced options to create new plans, membership & content restrictions, give discounts, add new members, and send emails.

 6.1) Add Plan

add membership plan

Enter Plan Name: Set a name for your new membership plan. 

Enter Plan Price: Decide the plan’s price. 

Set Access Type (Expiry of plan): There are two access types for members: Lifetime and Limited.

If you choose the limit, you have to set the expiry period in terms of days, weeks, months, or years. 

6.2) Membership Restriction 

membership restriction

You can restrict products and categories for non-members of your selected plan. To do this, follow these steps: 

  • Click on the Select Plan drop-down and choose the plan you wish to restrict. 
  • Afterwards, the options to select products and categories for member-only access will appear. 
  • Select the appropriate products and categories and click on the Save button.

6.3) Purchasing Discount Offer

membership discount offers

You can offer discounts to members of any plan on your selected products, categories, and tags. From the Select Plan drop-down, pick the plan whose members will be eligible for discounts. 

This is a premium feature. So, I need to buy the pro version to implement it.

6.4) Content Restriction

membership content restriction

You can restrict non-members from accessing the pages of your WooCommerce store. Only members will be able to view your selected pages. To apply this restriction, follow these steps: 

  • Select the membership plan from the Select plan dropdown menu. 
  • Select the pages that should only be visible to members.
  • Lastly, save your changes. 

Note: this is a feature for Premium users of the membership plugin.

6.5) Add Member 

You can manually add members to any of your membership plans. For these steps to add a new member: 

Add WooCommerce Membership
  • Select the user from the Customer dropdown.
  • Select a Plan to enroll the selected member. 
  • Enter the Name and Email of the member. 
  • Also, feed in the Phone and Address details. 
  • Lastly, click on the Save button to create a new member. 

6.6) Send Message to Members 

send quick information

Send bulk email notifications to all members by entering your message in the Message box and hitting the Send to All Members button. 

7.Membership Shortcodes

Admin can customize the single product page through the shortcodes that are provided in this space. These membership shortcodes are in action for:

  • Membership Action Shortcodes
  • Membership Plans Shortcodes
  • Membership Registration Shortcodes
membership shortcode

You have to copy these shortcodes on the product page and customize them according to your requirements.

Go to Dashboard > WP Swings > Membership for WooCommerce > Membership Shortcodes

membership shortcodes

Membership Action Shortcodes 

  • Buy Now: This shortcode only returns the buy now button. Use it as [wps_membership_buy_now].
  • No Thanks: This shortcode only returns the no thanks button.  Use it as [wps_membership_no].

Membership Plan Shortcodes

  • Membership Plan Title: This shortcode returns the title of the membership plan. Use it as [wps_membership_title_name]
  • Membership Plan Price: This shortcode returns the price of the membership Plan. Use it as [wps_membership_price]
  • Membership Plan Desc: This shortcode returns the description of the membership Plan. Use it as [wps_membership_desc_data]

8.API Settings

Membership APIs render details about active membership plans and purchased memberships by any user in any software system or application. 

membership API setting

You can use API secret key with parameters to get the desired data. 

Enable API Keys: Click on the toggle button to authorize membership API usage. 

Consumer Secret Key:  You can use this key to get plugin API. It will authenticate requests made to the membership plugin API.

8.1.Active Membership Plans API

To retrieve the specified data (Membership ID, Name, Type, Price, & Duration) from the provided API response using the consumer_secret key, we can use an HTTP GET request.

GET http://membership-development-site.local/wp-json/wps-mfw/get-user-membership?consumer_secret=<CONSUMER_SECRET>

JSON Response: 


  “status”: “success”,

  “code”: “200”,

  “data”: [


      “membership_id”: 76,

      “membership_name”: “Silver”,

      “plan_price”: “15”,

      “plan_validity”: “lifetime”,

      “plan_duration”: “—“,

      “membership_status”: “complete”



      “membership_id”: 78,

      “membership_name”: “Gold”,

      “plan_price”: “20”,

      “plan_validity”: “limited”,

      “plan_duration”: “2 years”,

      “membership_status”: “complete”



      “membership_id”: 80,

      “membership_name”: “Diamond”,

      “plan_price”: “30”,

      “plan_validity”: “lifetime”,

      “plan_duration”: “—“,

      “membership_status”: “complete”




8.2.Purchased Memberships By Any User API

This API response gives membership ID, name, price, validity, duration, & status. 

The parameter for this API request should include user_id and consumer_secret. 

HTTP Request: 

GET http://membership-development-site.local/wp-json/wps-mfw/get-user-membership?user_id=<USER_ID>&consumer_secret=<CONSUMER_SECRET>

JSON response example:


    “status”: “success”,

    “code”: “200”,

    “data”: [


            “membership_id”: 76,

            “membership_name”: “Silver”,

            “plan_price”: “15”,

            “plan_validity”: “lifetime”,

            “plan_duration”: “—“,

            “membership_status”: “complete”



            “membership_id”: 78,

            “membership_name”: “Gold”,

            “plan_price”: “20”,

            “plan_validity”: “limited”,

            “plan_duration”: “2 years”,

            “membership_status”: “complete”



            “membership_id”: 80,

            “membership_name”: “Diamond”,

            “plan_price”: “30”,

            “plan_validity”: “lifetime”,

            “plan_duration”: “—“,

            “membership_status”: “complete”




9.Other Settings

9.1.Redirect User Upon Registration

Admin can enable this setting to redirect Users upon registration on their desired page 

  1. Enable Setting: Toggle this option to enable the setting.
  2. Choose the page for redirection: Here you can select the page where you want to redirect your users after the registration
add redirection

9.2.Show Header and Footer on Membership Plan Page

Admin can enable this setting to show the header and footer on the membership plan page

  1. Display the header on the Membership page: Toggle this option to show header on the membership plan page
  2. Display the footer on the Membership page: Toggle this option to show footer on the membership plan page

Here is how it’ll look on the frontend

Before enabling the header and footer:

After Enabling header and footer:


9.3.One-time Discount Coupon For New Members

Admin can enable this setting to give one-time discount coupon for new members,

Here is how it works, when a new user logs into your website and purchases a membership, they will receive an email containing the specific membership coupon, allowing them to enjoy discounts on their chosen membership plan.

Now let’s see how to set it up.

Create a one-time discount coupon for new members: Toggle this option to enable the feature

Enter Coupon Amount: Here you can enter the coupon discount amount

one time discount

10.Create WooCommerce Membership Plans

Admin can create as many membership plans as he wants on his WooCommerce stores with respect to the inventory. 

We have two different templates in PRO version one is “Simple” and other is a “Comparison” template which can be used with a shortcode in a click, check live demo here.

Go to Admin Dashboard > Memberships > All Membership Plans > Add Membership Plans 

all membership plans

When you begin creating your WooCommerce membership plans, you will have to fill in the following details:

10.1.Title, Media & Description

 Mention the name of your membership plan here. For example, Gold plan, Silver plan, Bronze plan, etc. Below this, you can describe your plan and also add media, just like you do on your regular WordPress website post.

title media description

Under Create Plan heading you will find a series of important assignments:

Membership Plan Amount

It is the amount at which the admin wants to sell his memberships. 

membership plan amount

10.2.Access Type

Here the admin can set the type of access he wants to grant to his users. You can select from two options, i.e. Lifetime and Limited.

Lifetime Access Type

For limited access type, the admin can select days, weeks, months, or years. Additionally, when the admin selects a limited access type, membership subscriptions are stimulated.  

For Creating Membership Subscriptions

  • Select limited access
  • Select duration in days, weeks, months or years.
  • Enable Subscription membership 
  • Enter Subscription expiry 
subscription membership

Some features of the Membership For WooCommerce Pro plugin are also mentioned under Create Plan:

  • Include Memberships
  • Membership Pro

Under Membership Plan Offers in the Membership for WooCommerce Pro plugin, admin can access:

  • Offered Products 
  • Offered Categories
  • Offered Product Tags
  • Discount On Products

So, you can provide discounts on membership products individually.  

  • Under the Included Section fill in the following fields:

Include Pages

This is a feature of the Membership for WooCommerce Pro plugin where you can include selected pages for membership users. Other such options available here are, included product tags, posts, post categories, post tags & accessibility types.   

Offered Products 

All the range of products you want to make available for the membership users can be listed here by the admin.

Offered Categories 

These are the categories of products that the admin wants to make available for the membership users. These categories will only be visible to the WooCommerce members. 

  • Under the Memberships Features Section, you can edit these settings:

Discount – 

Admin can specify the discount type that he wants to apply for membership users. Admin can set it to a fixed price or discount percentage.

Memberships Features Section

Allow Free Shipping

Admin can switch this to allow free shipping to the WooCommerce members. After sliding the button, the admin needs to manage free shipping for members.

Admin can directly manage shipping from the membership features section through these steps:

  • Click Manage Free Shipping.
Manage free shipping
  • Add Membership Shipping in the shipping methods.
Add membership shipping method
  • Save changes.
  • Admin can edit membership shipping settings anytime.
Membership shipping settings

Now the shipping methods will also show membership shipping.

All shipping methods including membership

The premium features of Membership for WooCommerce Plugin in this section include:

  • Hide Products From Non-members
  • Show Notice To Members
  • After filling in the entire set of fields, the admin can publish the page. Just as you publish a blog or your product page.

 You can create and name as many plans according to your needs. We have also created 4 plans in this example.

membership plans example

All the membership plans will be displayed on your WooCommerce store on the Membership plan tab in the following way. The user can buy any of the membership plans from there itself.

plans on frontend


10.3.Edit Membership Plans

For editing any of the membership plans that you have already created,

  • Go to Dashboard > Memberships > All Membership Plans 
  • Now select the plan you want to edit > Make the desired changes in the plans > Update the page.   

Bulk Actions

For bulk actions,  Go to Dashboard > Memberships > Bulk Actions. The admin has two bulk action options:

  • Edit membership plans
  • Move membership plans to trash

Perform your desirable action, and proceed.  

User Table

10.4.Filter Member According To Membership Plan And Column Added In Members Table

For filtering members according to their membership plans you have to,

  • Go to Dashboard > Memberships > All Members
  • Go to Filter By Membership Plan> Select the plan you want to filter.

10.5.Filter Member According To Status

For filtering members according to their membership status you have to,

  • Go to Dashboard > Memberships > All Members
  • Go to Filter By Status> Select the status you want to filter.


10.6.Addition Of Quick Status Update In Member Table

For adding of quick status update in members table

  • Go to Dashboard > Memberships > All Members
  • Click on Pending Statuses> Change status directly.

11.Export or Import Membership Plans With Membership for WooCommerce Plugin

For exporting membership plans,

  • Go to Dashboard > Memberships > All Membership Plans
  • Navigate and click export plans’. This will export all your available membership plans into a simple CSV file that the admin can find in his downloads section.
export import membership plans

For importing membership plans,

  • Go to Dashboard > Memberships > All Membership Plans   
  • Navigate and click ‘ import plans’. Then the admin can choose the file that has all membership details from his system. Upload the file and all your membership plans will be imported with details.  

Please Note: Admin can import the WooCommerce membership plans and successfully apply this import if the CSV file products are available in the store. Otherwise, it will fail.

12.Add New Member

Admin can add new members manually to the membership plans.

Go to Dashboard > Memberships > All Members > Add New

add new members
  • Select user. It can be an existing user or a new one.
  • Mention billing details like address, phone number, email & payment method.
Add new member 2
  • Select Plan from Membership Details section from the existing membership plans of your WooCommerce store. 
  • Update status to on-hold, completed, pending & cancelled from the Member Actions box.
  • Update post. And the member will be added manually.
Edit Billing Details of user

13.Edit Members Details

Under the All Members option, admin can edit the details of membership users. For that:

  • Go to Dashboard > Memberships > All Members > Edit

Under Edit member section admin can: 

  1. Edit User profile 
  2. View other membership plans of the user
Edit Members Details

14.WPML Compatibility

The Membership for WooCommerce is compatible with the WordPress Multilingual (WPML) plugin for localization of the Membership for WooCommerce plugin’s strings.

In order to translate the Membership plugin, you need to extract all the plugins’ strings. Follow these steps:
1- Go to WordPress Dashboard > WPML > Themes Plugins Localization
2- Navigate to the ‘Strings in the plugins’ section
3- Select Membership for WooCommerce from the list of plugins
4- On the bottom of the page, Click ‘ Scan selected plugins for strings


For translating the strings into a different language click the number of strings present next to the plugin.


You’ll be redirected to a page where all the strings of the plugin are listed and you can translate each string from here. 

On visiting this page you can manually select a string for translation by clicking on the “+” button next to each string in a row.

A popup will occur in which you can write the translation of the string.


Once you’ve written the translation it will be automatically saved and when the customer chooses a different language they’ll see the translated version of the string.


15.Compatible With Wallet System For WooCommerce

Membership for WooCommerce is compatible with the Wallet System for WooCommerce allows the admin to accept membership payments via wallet. Users can easily add money to their digital wallet and use it to buy memberships hassle-free.

Users can choose the Wallet Payment option on the checkout page, and pay for the membership using their wallet amount.

wallet payment

If you don’t want your users to pay via wallet system you can restrict it by navigating to the Others Settings Section and enabling the Enable this setting to restrict payment via Wallet option.

restrict wallet

16.Compatible With Subscription For WooCommerce

The Membership for WooCommerce plugin is compatible with our Subscriptions for WooCommerce plugin, enabling you to sell membership plans and facilitate their renewal using payment gateways supported by the subscription plugin, including the WooCommerce wallet.

17.WooCommerce HPOS Compatibility

Membership for WooCommerce is compatible with High Performance Order Storage (HPOS) Which uses WooCommerce CRUD design to store order data in custom tables to optimize order queries and ensure the smooth workflow of your WooCommerce store.

To Enable HPOS Follow these steps:

Firstly, make sure your WooCommerce version is updated with the latest 8.0. After that navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced > Features and choose the High Performance Order Storage option for orders.

For more information, refer to the WooCommerce HPOS Documentation

18.Premium Version Setting


  1. Users may see all of their WooCommerce membership account information, as well as admin logs.
  2. There is no limit to the number of membership plans that can be created.
  3. Choose from a variety of membership products to add to your membership plans.
  4. Combine the benefits of numerous membership plans into a single plan.
  5. Access to membership pages might be restricted.
  6. Choose who has access to your eCommerce store’s membership products and posts.
  7. Sorting by membership date A membership program was developed.
  8. Send emails to members in response to certain membership plan actions.
  9. Editing memberships in bulk and moving them to the trash can be done in bulk.
  10. Dynamic css of become member button.


  1. Get premium version of Plugin Membership for WooCommerce Pro
  2. Visit the WooCommerce Memberships Documentation to learn more about the plugin’s Premium features and functionality.

19.Feedback and Suggestions

Don’t see a feature in the Membership for WooCommerce plugin that you think would be useful?

We’d love to have your suggestions: Reach out to our Support query and we’ll consider adding it in a future release.


Yes, you can have both memberships types in the premium version of the Membership for WooCommerce Plugin.

We have an option to set the membership lifetime, you can set either of two.

Yes, Membership for WooCommerce has the shortcode to display Membership plan, price and description.

Membership Plan Title → [wps_membership_title]
Membership Plan Price → [wps_membership_price]
Membership Plan Desc → [wps_membership_desc]

You can first test for the common reasons and try to:

  • Check for theme conflict. Test the plugin with the default WooCommerce theme.
  • Check for plugin conflicts by deactivating plugins one by one to make sure which plugin is causing the error.
  • If the problem still prevails, reach out to our support and give detailed information about your issue. We will contact you personally.

If in case user didn't get credentials then only two issues can occur-

  1. Either your email is already registered on the site you are trying 
  2. Your mail setup has an issue

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