WooCommerce Ultimate Points And Rewards plugin is a Loyalty tool that makes it easy for you to recognize, reward, and incentivize your loyal customers by giving them opportunities to earn points and can further redeem the points for varied rewards.

This plugin is an alternative to your marketing approach as well by attracting new leads and higher traffic, ultimately resulting in a better conversion rate.


  • The administrator can provide the points to their customer at the signing in on your website, Referral User, Share the Referral link, Referral Purchase, Product Assign, Per Product Purchasing, Per Currency Spend, and Reviewing the products.
  • Redeem those points into the Coupons, From the Cart SubTotal or Directly purchasing the products.
  • Set the expiration date of the coupons or set how many times a customer can use that particular coupon.
  • Set the expiry date of Points. On selected date points will expire.
  • Create different Membership levels for the customer and provide discounts according to their membership level.
  • Deduct the customer’s points if they make a refund request.
  • Send the Notification Mail as a reminder of the expiration of points.
  • The administrator can also allow their customer to share earned points with someone.


“Points” tab is a section that holds all the points of the customer which is display on the “My Account” page. It will be visible only for the registered customers, not to Admin. If the admin wants to see the “points” tab, register as a customer, and please make sure to save Permalink once.

For saving the permalink first Login to your admin panel and go to WordPress “Settings > Permalinks” and click on the “Save Changes” button. After Clicking on this button your permalinks will get saved successfully.

2.General Setting

In this section, Firstly you will enable the plugin and set how many points customers will earn on which action.

woocommerce points and rewards-general-setting

2.1.Signup Points

Enable the Signup Points for your customers. When customers sign up on your site then they will get some signup points as a reward.

woocommerce points and rewards- signup-points

For example, we set the 100 points as the signup rewards, when the customer registers on site then they earn 100 points.

woocommerce points and rewards-login


Note: Please make sure you have enabled the required setting, as well as your Registration Form, must be of WooCommerce Registration. For any third party registration form, we need to check the possibility of making the compatibility.

2.2.Comments Points

After enabling Comments Points, your customers will get review points when they comment on products or posts.

woocommerce points and rewards- comment-points

Here we set the 20 points as the comment reward. If the customer comment on your site then they will get 100 points.

woocommerce points and rewards- comment-points

2.3.Referral Points

After enabling this setting your customers earn points by inviting other users on the site by the referral link.
Here you can also add the required limit for the referral, after completing this limit your customers will get the points.

Minimum Referrals Required: Here you can enter the minimum required limit for the referrals, your customer will be able to get a reward after completing the condition.

woocommerce points and rewards- referral-points

Here you can see, Minimum of 5 invites are required to get a reward of 100 points.

woocommerce points and rewards-social-links-front-end

2.4.Referral Purchase Points

Enable the Referral Purchase Points for the customers. Through this setting a customer can get the points on the referee(user invited by the customer)  purchase, you can also apply the restriction on the referral purchase points.

Referral Purchase limit: After enabling this setting, the referee(user invited by the customer) would get assigned points after till limit would be reached.

woocommerce points and rewards-referal-purchase-points-only

2.5.Only Referral Purchase Points

Enable this setting when you can allow the customer to get the points only for the referral purchase, not referral points that means when the invited user(referee) purchased the product then only the customer gets points.

woocommerce points and rewards-only-referal-purchase-points

2.6.Share Referral Link on Social Media

Enable social media channels for sharing the referral links.

woocommerce points and rewards- points-share-link-on-social-media-backend

After enabling this setting customers can share a referral link on selected social media channels.

woocommerce points and rewards- points-share-link-on-social-media

2.7.Text for the Point Page

This text displays on the points page with the total number of points. 

woocommerce points and rewards-text-setting

Go to the My account page -> points tab
Here you can see the text append before the total number of points.

woocommerce points and rewards-text-setting-front-end

2.8.Notify users to gain more points

You can paste these shortcodes on the My Account Page to guide your customers to gain more points in various ways.

woocommerce points and rewards-gain-points-text-setting

Here display the various ways to earn more points on the front end.

2.9.Purchase Through Points

This setting allows/restricts your customers to purchase products through points.

woocommerce points and rewards-enable-purchase-through-points

Enable Purchase through points: After enabling the “Purchase through points” setting your customer will able to purchase the product through the earned points.

Purchase Point Conversion: The Admin can decide how many points he wants to provide for each purchase. Admin can set the currency settings accordingly for each purchase.

Enable Restriction for Purchase through points: For this setting, you can restrict the particular categories for purchasing through the points.
Here you can also apply the restriction per product-wise.

Enable Restriction on Per Product-wise for Purchase through points :

Go to the product-> edit page of the particular product.

02-woocommerce points and rewards-edit-page


Scroll down and go to the “Points and Reward section”

woocommerce points and rewards-edit-page-setting


Enable the setting to apply the condition for that particular product that doesn’t purchase through the points.

04-woocommerce points and rewards-do-not-purchase-setting


Enter Text: Enter the text in which you want to display the message on the single page of the product for notifying the user to use the points during purchasing the product.

woocommerce points and rewards-text-setting


Point Table Text: Through this setting, you can replace the Point tab text with your text.

woocommerce points and rewards-tab-text

2.10.Assigned Product Points Text

For this setting: Click here

2.11.Set Preferences

For this setting: Click here

3.Coupon Setting

In this section, you can allow your customer to generate the coupon with multiple terms of conditions like how much points equivalent to the money, Enable Per currency point conversion, Minimum Points limit for generating coupon, Set the expiration date of the coupon, Minimum Points limit for generating the coupon, Maximum and minimum spend of the coupon, how many time a coupon valid for use, etc.

woocommerce points and rewards-coupon-setting

3.1.Redeem Points Conversion

The admin can set how many points are required that will convert to generate a coupon. For example, if 1 point equals 1 $, and the user has a total of 50 points, he can generate a 50$ coupon.

Here you can set how many points will be equivalent to the money.

woocommerce points and rewards-redeem-points

After enabling the setting your customer can generate the coupon by clicking on the “Generate Coupon” button.


3.2.Per Currency Point Conversion

Enable Per Currency Point Conversion: Admin can enable the per currency point conversion for coupons.

Per $ Point Conversion: Admin can set per point conversion to unit currency for coupons. For example, 1$ = 1 point If any user purchases a product worth 50 $ then he or she will be rewarded 50 points.

Here you can allow the customer per dollar spent points, which means the customer will get the points per dollar spent on the site.

woocommerce points and rewards-currency-conversion

Your customer can see the notification on the shop page.

3.3.Required Points For Generating Coupon

Here you can set a minimum points limit for coupon generating after that limit your customer can convert their points into the coupon.

woocommerce points and rewards-required-points-for-coupon

3.4.Custom Convert Points

Through this setting, you can allow the customers to convert their points into the coupon according to their necessity.

woocommerce points and rewards-custom-generate-coupon

After entering the points and clicking on the “Generate Coupon” customer can generate the custom coupon.

3.5.Individual Use of Coupon

WooCommerce Ultimate Points and Rewards allow you to enable the setting of individual use of a coupon. After enabling this setting your customer cannot be used as a coupon with the combination of other Coupons.

woocommerce points and rewards-individual-use

3.6.Free Shipping

Check this box if the coupon grants free shipping. A free shipping method must be enabled in your shipping zone and be set to require “a valid free shipping coupon”.

woocommerce points and rewards-allow-free-shipping

3.7.Coupon Length

You can enter the coupon length excluding the prefix. The Minimum length of the coupon is 5.

woocommerce points and rewards-coupon-length

3.8.Coupon Expiry Date

WooCommerce Ultimate Points and Rewards allow you to enter a number of days after which the Coupon will get expired. Keep value “1” for one-day expiry when the order is completed. Keep value “0” with no expiry.

woocommerce points and rewards-expiry-date

3.9.Restriction of Coupon Use

From this setting, you can restrict a customer for coupon use by the maximum and minimum limit of spending. If you enter the minimum spend limit is 500 and the maximum spend limit is 5000 then your customer uses a coupon under 500 to 5000 spending.

woocommerce points and rewards-max-min-spend

3.10.Coupon Use Limit

WooCommerce Ultimate Points and Rewards Plugin allows you to set how many times a coupon is valid for use.

For example, if you enter 2 then customers use a coupon only two times.

3.11.Disable Points Conversion

Goto, the “Others Setting” tab -> Scroll down to the “Disable Points Conversion” setting.
From here you can disable the coupon formation functionality for the customers.

woocommerce points and rewards- disable-coupon-setting

4.Points Table

Through this setting, the plugin allows you to view the point log, coupon detail, and modify the points of the customer with a specific remark. You can also import the .CSV file of the points table to update the points of customers.


For example, if you want to add some points of a customer simply enter the necessary points, a reason for that, and click on the update button. Similarly, you can also deduct the point of the customer.
On the Account page, your customers can view their point logs.



If you want to see the point log of any customer click on “viewpoint log”.



Here you can see your user Point Log Detail.



If you want to see the Coupon Detail of any customer click on “View Coupon Detail”.


Here you can see your user Coupon Detail.


5.Points Notification

Through this setting, you can notify your users about their points via email. You can easily customize that subject and description of the email according to necessity.

You can notify your users via multiple notifications like Total Points, Signup Points, Product Purchase points, Referral Points, Comment Points, Product Purchase Points, Referral Points, Referral Purchase Point, Upgrade Membership Level, Purchase Products through Points, Deduct Assigned Point, Deduct ‘Per Currency Spent’ Point, Return ‘Product Purchase through Point’, Point Sharing, Points On Cart SubTotal.



Woocommerce Ultimate Points and Rewards plugin allows you to give the members of your customers. Membership Setting allows your customers to get the membership level through the required points and keeping the discount on the selected categories or products fulfilled by that level.

You can create levels for the membership by following the steps:

1. Tick the checkbox to Enable Membership setting for your customers and create levels by clicking on “Create Member”.

woocommerce points and rewards-create-member

2. Fill the required field of the level like Level Name, Points for reach that level, Expiration Period of the current level, Select Product Category for the discount, Select Product for the discount, Enter Discount (%) amount.

woocommerce points and rewards-enter-membership-detail

3. After filling out all fields click on save changes. The level of membership will display on the user end.

woocommerce points and rewards-click-on-save

Here your customers can see the Membership List on the Account Page -> Points Tab.

woocommerce points and rewards-enter-membership-list-fron-end

View the benefits of that level.

woocommerce points and rewards-enter-view-benefits

From this setting, your user can select the level to upgrade your membership.

woocommerce points and rewards-enter-upgrat-user-role-level

After click on the “Upgraded level”, their membership is successfully upgraded.

woocommerce points and rewards-enter-view-upgrated-level

Now they can see the discount on the single page of the selected product.

woocommerce points and rewards-enter-view-single-product-benefit

Here they can see the discount.

woocommerce points and rewards-enter-view-benefits-on-single-product

7.Assign Product Points

This setting allows you to assign points to the products in three ways:

  1. Globally
  2. Category wise
  3. Per Product-wise
woocommerce points and rewards-assign-setting

7.1.Global Setting

Through this setting, you can assign equal points on each product at once by the global setting. Enable this setting if you want to assign the same points on all the products and enter the points which you want to assign for all products.

woocommerce points and rewards-points-assign-globaly

Your customer can see the assigned points on the single page of the product.

woocommerce points and rewards-points-frontend-text

7.2.Category wise Setting

This is the category-wise setting for assigning the points to the product. Enter some valid points for assigning or leave blank fields for removing assigned points and click on the “submit” button.

woocommerce points and rewards-points-assign-category-wise

Your customer can see those assigned points on the single page of the product.

woocommerce points and rewards-points-assign-category-wise-front-end

7.3.Per Product wise Setting

This setting for assigning points per product-wise. Go to the “products” and click on the edit page of the selected product.

woocommerce points and rewards-points-assign-product-wise-edit-page

Click on the “Points and Reward” setting. Enable the setting and enter some valid numbers for assigning points.

woocommerce points and rewards-points-assign-product-wise-set-points

Your customer can see the assigned points on the single page of the product.

woocommerce points and rewards-points-assign-product-wise-frontend

7.4.Assigned Product Points Text & Set Preference

Go to the “General Setting” tab scroll down to that setting.

woocommerce points and rewards-points-notification-text-prefrences

Assigned Product Points Text: Enter the notification text which you want to display on those products that have assigned some points.

woocommerce points and rewards-points-frontend-text

Set Preferences: Here you can set the preferences of points in three ways:

  • Only Product Assigned Points: Customers can get the points only for the product assigned points.
  • Only Per Currency Spent Points: Customers can get the points only per currency spent points.
  • Both: Customers can get the points for both ways “per currency spent points” and “product assigned points”.

8.Product Purchase Through Points

Through the Product Purchase Points setting, the admin can buy products only by the points. Assign Points to the particular category and click on the submit button.


Here you can see that your customer can purchase that particular product only by the points.


9.Others Setting


9.1.Use of Shortcodes


Shortcodes: Use shortcodes for displaying the notification anywhere on site. we are proving three types of shortcodes

[MYCURRENTUSERLEVEL]: This shortcode use for displaying the current Membership Level of Users.

For example, If you want to show the current Membership Level for the customers on the shop page.
simple Go to the “Shop page” paste the Shortcode of Membership Level and click on the update button. The current Membership Level of the customer will get displayed along with the text.

Enter text for Current Points: Entered text will get displayed along with [MYCURRENTPOINT] shortcode.

woocommerce points and rewards-shortocode-frontend

[MYCURRENTPOINT]: This shortcode use for displaying current Points of Users.

For example, If you want to show the customer’s current points on the shop page.
simple Go to the “Shop page” paste the Shortcode of current points and click on the update button. The current points of the customer will display with the text.

Enter text for Current User Level: Entered text will get displayed along with [MYCURRENTUSERLEVEL] shortcode.

c-woocommerce points and rewards-shortocode-frontend

[SIGNUPNOTIFICATION]: This shortcode use for displaying signup notification anyplace on site.

For example, If you want to show the signup notification on the shop page.
simple Go to the “Shop page” paste the Shortcode of sign up notification and the most important thing is that the signup point feature must be enabled from the “General Setting”.

woocommerce points and rewards-shortocode-frontend-sign-up

9.2.Disable Points Conversion

If you want to disable the coupon generation for the user, you can enable this setting here 

9.3.Point Sharing

Enable this setting if you want to allow your customers to share some points from his/her account with any other user.

woocommerce points and rewards-sharepoints

After enabling the setting your customer can share your points with other users by simply clicking on “GO”.

woocommerce points and rewards-share-points-userend

9.5.Shortcodes for Thank You Page

These shortcodes for providing an appropriate message for your customers for their Total Points when they gain or spend points on the checkout page.

b-woocommerce points and rewards- shortcodes-for-thankyou page

Notification When Your Customer Gain Points After Checkout:

b-woocommerce points and rewards- shortcodes-for-gainpoints-thankyou page

9.6.Enable apply points during checkout

Through the “Enable Apply Points During Checkout” setting, the admin can allow your customers to apply points on the checkout page.


Here you can see apply points options on the checkout page.

9.7.Redemption Over Cart

woocommerce points and rewards-static-redemption-points

Allow Users to Apply Points: Enable this setting if you want to allow your customer to redeem their earn points into cart subtotal. There would be no relation for purchase through points feature.

The conversion rate for Cart Sub-Total Redemption: Enter the points that you want the user to redeem on cart sub-total, i.e. how many points will be equal to your currency when applied on the cart subtotal.

Make “Per Product Redemption” Read-only: Enable this setting if you want to make the redemption box used read-only for your customers.

9.8.Select Color Notification Bar

Here you can select the color for the notification bar.


10.Order Total Points

To enable the ‘Order Total Points’ setting first you have to click on the checkbox to enable the setting and then set the points within the order amount range and the last click on the ‘Save Changes’ button to save the settings.



After successfully completed the order, your customers will get the points according to the order range and they can view their points from the My Account page.



To view the detailed description of the points go to the My Account > Points Tab > and then click on the View Points Log link, here you can see the detailed description of points.


11.Points Expiration Notification

In this section, you can set the Expiration Period of the customer’s points and send the Notification Mail as a reminder of the expiration of points.

b-woocommerce points and rewards- points-expiration

Enable Points Expiration: Enable this checkbox if you want to set the expiration time period of rewarded points for your customers.

Show Points expiration on My Account Page: Enable this setting if you want to show the expiration time period of points on my account page.

woocommerce points and rewards- points-expiration-on-my-account-page

Set the Required Threshold: Set the threshold for rewarded point expiration, the expiration period will be calculated when the threshold will be reached.

Set Expiration Time: Set the maximum time limit for points expiration. After this time limit points need to get expired. It will be calculated after the above threshold time.

Email Notification(Re-Notify Days): Set the number of days before the mail will get sent out for the re-notify the customer for points expiration.

Enter the Message for notifying the user about they have reached their Threshold: Use these shortcodes for providing the first notification to the customerthat they have reached the threshold now they should redeem their point before it will get expired.

Re-notify Message before some days: Use these shortcodes for providing the re-notification their the customer that they have left some days more for the expiration of points.

Message when Points have been Expired: Enter the message notifying your customer that their points have been expired.



You can assign points to the product in three ways.

  1. Global Point Assign (Assign Points to all Product)
  2. Per Category Point Assign ( Assign points to the different category )
  3. Per Product Assign Points (Individually Assign Points )

For Globally assign points to visit WooCommerce > Assign Product Points Here you find “Global Product Points”. Now enable the setting and assign points to all products in a single click.

For Category assign points, below the “Global Product Points” setting you will find an option to assign points per category.

For the Per product assign point, visit the particular product edit page. In the Product data section you will find a tab “Points and Rewards” click on that tab after that Enable Points Per Product and Enter the points. Now, update the product and Product points will get display on Product Page.

Please make sure that you had Enabled the Settings from "General Tab" and selected the social buttons you want to let it display on your site.

You can translate the plugin in any language you want. We have provided all our plugin translation ready. Using suitable software you can translate our plugin.

Enable the required Setting from “Other Setting” (tab) i.e “Enable Point Sharing”, Now on My Account Page customer can see the related fields and can enter the Email of that customer( Valid WordPress User_Email Id ) to whom they want to share his/her Point.

About Redeem Points Conversion: In this setting Merchant can set the amount for converting reward points to generate the coupon. For example, if you have set 1 point will be equivalent to the 1$ (for your site) and if any user has 50 points then he or she will get the coupon amount of 50 after converting it from the “My Account” section.

About Per $ Points Conversion: Let's take an example if Merchant has set the $1 = 1point (for their site) and any customer will purchase any product with 50$ then he or she will be rewarded with 50 points.

About entering Product Points: From here Merchant can select some product and can set the Points for a particular product, and if any user will purchase that selected product he or she will be rewarded with those Points.

Yes, We have the features Admin Can Set the points as follows:

  1. Globally
  2. Category wise
  3. Per Product-wiseGo to Points and Rewards Setting > Assign product Points Setting > Enable Global Product point and enter the points according to needs.
    Go to Points and Rewards Setting > Assign product Points Setting  > Enable Category Product point and enter the points according to needs.

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