Order Sync with Zendesk for WooCommerce is a sync plugin to provide a two-way integration between WooCommerce and Zendesk.

With this plugin, the admin can check the Zendesk tickets generated by a specific customer as well as the WooCommerce orders on either of the platforms. Therefore, it is a solution to make it easier for you to manage tickets and customers’ orders from a single convenient dashboard.

WooCommerce Orders App from Zendesk is a prerequisite to using this plugin. This plugin gives a managed way to deal with customer tickets effectively.

The latest version of the Order Sync with Zendesk for WooCommerce plugin has also made the generation of tickets effortless on the front end of your store for your users.


  1. Admin gets the authority to manage the display of the number of latest orders. 
  2. Admin can see all the tickets generated by a user in the user section of the admin menu.
  3. You also get the flexibility to sort the orders based on different billing addresses used by a particular visitor.
  4. This plugin provides ease in the management of tickets by letting you choose the KPI fields and Order fields in the ticket view.
  5. The plugin also offers functionalities on the front end to let your users manage their tickets themselves. Users can create new tickets from the user dashboard and add a new comment from the user dashboard.
  6. You can visit your Zendesk dashboard to view all the orders made by a user who has generated a particular ticket.
  7. The KPI and Order fields in the plugin are so designed to help you use the data generated to improve your business’s overall performance.
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